The Connection Network is our family of autonomous churches partnering together to plant 50 churches by the year 2050. The network exists to train leaders to plant, grow, & multiply Gospel centered churches. We do this through a process we call our church planting residency. This is where we bring in a potential church planter, train and develop them as a leader, teach them everything we know about planting a church, and send them out with funding and a church planting team to help them launch a new church plant.  For more information, please visit the Connection Network page here.

What do you mean when you say church planting?

When Jesus gave the Great Commission, the book of Acts reveals that what the Disciples understood as completing that command was to plant churches. The Bible teaches that we also should take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the  ends  of the  Earth.  Today when we hear that, we often think short trips to see a different country. Mission trips are great and serve a purpose, but at Connection, when we think about taking the Gospel where it isn't, we think about church planting. So, whether that is taking the Gospel into our local communities or sending missionaries throughout the world to start local churches,


We understand the message of Jesus is for anyone  and everyone. 

What is the One & One Project?

The One & One Project is how we fund the majority of our church planting efforts in both our local community and throughout the world. One & One is an extension of a Christian's generosity, and we invite you to consider this as a place for giving in a recurring way.


If you would like to give towards the One & One project, checkout our giving page here.